Premature Ejaculation: More Than Just Embarrassment

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70% of sexually active men would have suffered an episode of premature ejaculation sometime or the other in their lives. While a one off PE episode is not worrisome, the problem takes on larger proportions when it occurs almost every time.

PE is defined as ejaculation that happens right before, during or immediately after vaginal entry.

PE can exist from childhood itself and is categorized as primary type PE. On the other hand, when the problem develops during adulthood, it is known as secondary PE.

While PE is no doubt very embarrassing, it also leads to low self-esteem, sexual frustration and even break-up of a relationship. Anxiety about performance adds to the problem since men who worry about PE, often tend to ejaculate too soon. Anxiety about a penis size and unrealistic comparison with peer’s can also lead to PE.

If one is unable to maintain an erection long enough, the chances of premature ejaculation also increase drastically. The relationship between PE and erectile dysfunction is therefore an obvious one.

You need not suffer from premature ejaculation for life. The problem is treatable and you can enjoy a full and satisfying life once more. There are medical treatments here that should be taken only under the supervision of a doctor since they come with their share of side effects. Jelqing and Kegels are known to help too. The start-stop and stop-squeeze methods are also said to be effective. However, sadly none of these treatments are permanent. PE is more of a psychological problem than a physical one. Therefore, the cure must also involve a metal boost.

Interestingly, it has been observed that increasing a person’s ability to maintain an erection does help prevent the occurrence of PE. The theory behind this science states that PE occurs mostly due to low sexual self esteem. Men who suffer from ED often tend to suffer from depression also and feel worthless in bed. This feeling contributes to enhancing episodes of PE. Being able to maintain a strong and long lasting erection gives men confidence to perform thus enable them to avoid PE episodes.

In short improving erectile function will help in lowering premature ejaculation instances too. So you need to consider methods to increase blood supply to the penis, if you are suffering from frequent episodes of PE. Increased blood supply will help in the bettering the erection quality, which in turn will help in increasing self esteem in bed and thereby cure PE.

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