How to Boost Your Confidence With Women

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FACT: All women love a man with confidence.

This just isn’t a human trait — nearly every species which participate in any sort of mating ritual, requires the successful mating male to be a confident one.

Consider the following: We think of lions and their giant mane of hair and ferocious roar; we see male peacocks and their beautiful feathers exploding behind them; or giant bull frogs and their audacious grunts at night — all exuding confidence. The males with the scariest roar, most beautiful feathers, and loudest grunts all seem to make out with the ladies, right? Take a lesson.

Simply put, every male, in order to be successful at mating, needs to exhibit a sense of confidence to the female.

Of course, as humans, we don’t grow giant antlers or horns, we don’t have big bright feathers, nor do we have a mating call, but we do have other things that display confidence — and we need to use them or exploit them for us to have sex — and lots of it!

So, how do you boost your confidence with women? How do you make them get wet with excitement when they hear your voice down the hall?

While this isn’t an article that is intended to solve your childhood insecurity issues, there are a few things that you can do that will boost your confidence today — which can lead to successful opportunities to engage and hopefully have sex with the women of your choice!

First, understand what women want: security and stability. If you have these two similar attributes in your personal life, then you have just shot to the top 20% of the males seeking mates. If you aren’t secure about who you are, and what good qualities you have, then how are you going to display any real confidence to approaching females?

The issues of security and confidence require constant attention and devotion to maintain — it usually takes some effort. Beyond that, there are other ways to make you feel good about yourself which will help invite more confidence within you:

  1. Clean yourself up. There’s nothing like a great haircut, a close, clean shave, and a hot shower. You feel good, fresh, and ready to conquer the world. A well kept man can say a lot to woman you meet. It means you value you who are.
  2. Know what you are good at. The world requires us to be generalists and to be good at everything. Don’t be. Take the things that interest you and be passionate about those things. If you invest in the things you love, you will display passion for them – and women just love passion. If you have passion about any subject, you become a leader in your field. And that’s what leads us to number three.
  3. Be passionate. Find the thing that makes you wake up in the morning! Invest in that every day! Your passion about your subject will be an automatic magnet for women. Women just love a man with passion. Why? It means you believe in something. You have dedicated yourself to something worthwhile. Women absolutely love this kind of commitment and leadership.
  4. Wisdom: Understanding that what separates you from the Brad Pitts of the world is not much. Did you know that humans and chimps are about 99.9% the same? Yes, but it’s that .01 % that matters most, right? Now, what does that mean the difference is between you and Brad Pitt? Not very much! In fact, you probably have more things in common than you realize.
  5. Be Unique. Many people want to fit in. Many people don’t want to stick out in the crowd. But that’s not going to be you. Dare to be different. Welcome diversity in your life — new blood, new friends, new ways of thinking and doing things. If the life you have been leading hasn’t working for you up to know, don’t you think it’s time to shake things up a bit?
  6. Your confidence comes from within. Your confidence isn’t determined by what people think of you or whether people accept you or not. After all, not everyone will like you. But then again, do you like everyone you meet? Probably not. So, get over it. You’re a great person and you don’t need someone who has never met or know anything about you, determine whether or not you deserve their attention.

Follow these principles, along with understanding what women want security, stability and you can work on increasing your confidence every day! Soon, women will be drawn to that magnetism – you just won’t know what to do with all of your new found opportunities!

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