Does Age Matter?

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There have been numerous debates about age and how it does it affect a man’s ability to function.

Old age and ED

It is a known fact that as we grow older, the functions of our body slow down. Right from the metabolic rate to sexual performance, everything goes on a decline. Apart from the hormonal changes in the body, stress, lifestyle and nutrition also contributes to make an older person less effective. This is why ED is a problem that is often associated with those over the age of 40.

Here, the issue is not of length or girth of the penis but more about its ability to achieve and maintain an erection long enough to last through the sexual episode. A drop in libido is also caused by the quality of relationship between the two partners and can often cause ED.

Of course, this is not to say that younger men cannot fall prey to ED. About 52% of all men will suffer from ED and while the scales do tilt toward the older section, younger men also contribute to this statistics. Right from a physical, psychological or physiological factor, almost anything can lead to ED.

Signs of ED

Inability to achieve a full erection and maintain it is the first sign of ED. Those who find that the problem occurs regularly should seek a diagnosis. Bad eating habits, lack of sleep, increased stress are few of the factors that lead to ED. ED, in turn, causes anxiety and depression, which aggravates the situation further.

Treatment for ED

The extent of the problem and its cause will decipher the treatment path most suitable for the curing of ED. In some cases simply solving the psychological issues will be enough to treat the problem while others will require lifestyle changes. Yet others may need medical intervention.


Age and ED do seem to have a relationship going, but this does not mean that every person who is old will suffer from ED. Similarly this does not mean that a younger person will never face the problem.

ED can affect anyone and is treatable at almost any age. Therefore, it is important to not keep falling further into the trap and break the vicious circle of ED and frustration, irrespective of your age or the extent of the problem.

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